Strip Lash Care

Not sure how to take care of your lash babies? Want a longer lash lifespan? Follow our tips and we promise they'll last a crazy long time!
Our fur-free, hair-free, silk-free, animal friendly lashes are able to be worn 30+ times! Trust us, we tested it on ourselves for an entire month straight AND our babies even went out on a few wild nights out and came out flawless!
That story is for another day though, as promised, here are your tips to extending your lash lifespan...

Tip 1: ALWAYS store your lashes in their original packaging, or a lash box to ensure they're safe from dust, being squished (it happens), eaten by pets and most importantly, to make sure no one mistakes them as being spiders on the carpet!

Tip 2: Don't apply mascara to the lashes. We're mascara fans too here at CDL, we get it! So make sure you apply the mascara to your own lashes BEFORE applying your falsies. The less chemicals that touch your babies, the better.

Tip 3. When applying glue, make sure to apply a generous amount but not too much that it flows ONTO the lash. This is no good for our gals. 

Tip 4: When removing lashes from the eye, pull from the outer corner of the eye and pull very gently. If you're too rough you will, I repeat, WILL pull some of the lash hairs out (there is no going back from this one). 

Tip 5: Always remove the glue after wearing. You'll see there will be some remains left on the lash band. Simply use a firm hold on the lash and pull the glue off very slowly. It comes off easily but be aware not to pull too hard as you may tear the last band, this is why we need a firm hold on the lash. 

Tip 6: If you're a glamour gal like us and love your heavy shadow and glitter (or your lashes are just a little dirty), hold your lashes firmly and with some micellar water (Garnier makes a great one!), dip a cotton tip (q-tip) and gently brush with the hairs to remove any remaining makeup but just make sure you don't drench your lashes. 

Tip 7: If you still aren't sure, it means we suck at explaining! Feel free to contact us! For tips on how to apply your lashes, head on over to our Lash Application tips page.


All our love,
TLBB Cosmetics