Strip Lash Application

New to the world of strip lashes? Or just looking for some new tips and tricks? You'll love this article! We're here to help you apply your lashes like a pro, thank us later. 

You'll find with Clair De Luna Lashes, they are already curved enough to fit the natural shape of your eyelid. Some lashes aren't and this makes it super difficult, these are the ones that seem to lift up on one side, don't stay stuck and don't last through a crazy day. 

Tip 1: Use a good lash glue! Sometimes you've gotta spend the money to ensure your lashes stay stuck throughout the entire event! We have a Clair De Luna glue currently in the works, but in the meantime we like to use DUO glue. They offer latex and latex free options. 

Tip 2: Apply a generous amount of glue, but not too much that it flows on the lash. Leave the glue to dry for 45 secs or until it starts to go translucent.

Tip 3: Trim your lash edges! Sometimes they might be a little long on the outer corner, this is just because we like to cater for all eye sizes! Simply grab your scissors and trim bit by bit on the outer corners. Make sure not to cut too much at one time or you'll end up with a lash that's too short! Keep matching your lashes up to your lash line to make sure you're removing the right amount.

Tip 4: Have a gap in between your natural lash line and the false lash line? This means you need to wiggle those babies down a little next time when the glue is still wet! Never mind though, easily fixed! Grab your thumb and pointy finger and pinch both your lash and your falsies together and TA-DA, we're all one lash now. 

Tip 4: Be patient! Applying lashes is not a fast application. 


Tip 6: Anything else? Feel free to email us via our Contact Page!


All our love,

Clair De Luna Lashes